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Informare – Experiencing Invisible Spaces

Opera - at the Castle of the West Pomeranian Dukes in Szczecin

R+ Gallery - Academy of Fine Arts in Szczecin

01 - 07.10. 2020 Szczecin

Curators: Dr Jakub Palka, Maciej Osmycki


Academy of Fine Arts in Szczecin


Ulrika Eller-Ruter – Niemcy

David Rodriguez Gimeno – Hipszania

Jakub Palka

Andreas Guskos

Arkadiusz Marcinkowski

Tomasz Wendland

Maciej Osmycki

Patryk Lichota

Mira Jarmołowicz

Arek Piętak

Tajny Projekt: Kacper Mutke/ Michał Urbański

Students of Academy of Fine Arts in Szczecin

Informare - invisible spaces

The sensually experienced area of reality is constantly expanding thanks to science, art and technology. Technological tools that enable visualization and sonication of information not inscribed in the material world allow you to navigate areas previously unexplored. The concept of transvergence – invented by prof. Marcos Novak from California University – refers to the space-time diagram of Hermann Minkowski, in which the cones of light coming out from the point of view of the observer define the available reality. Unlike convergence, transvergence brings the researcher / artist to an area elsewhere, where new entities are created in contact with a stranger. Informare (italian) – poetically can be understood as a sea of information (Information and mare – sea). Information is also understood as a structure (a system of relations binding elements of a system), or Primary Matter (primordial, materia prima) the primacy from which time and space originated, and then matter. Nun – in Egyptian mythology, primordia, the first material manifestation of being, Nun is primarily a cosmic element. Indian philosophy everything consists of two primary principles: pramateria (“prakryti”) and spirit (“purusha”). Pramatery is uniform and is the primary cause. The exhibition Experiencing Invisible Spaces will present works of artists whose material is what is invisible or the area of their activities falls under the concept of transvergence.

Horyzont Zdarzeń / Events Horizon

7 Mediatons Biennale Polska


David Rodriguez Gimeno

Andreas Guskos

Arkadiusz Marcinkowski

Maciej Osmycki

Tajny_projekt: Michał Urbański i Kacper Mutke

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