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Time Dilation

Galeria ASP, ulica Piotrkowska 68

16 - 25.10.2020 - Łódź

curator: prof. Rafał Szrajber


Akademia Sztuk Pięknych im. Władysława Strzemińskiego w Łodzi


Tanya Pixie Johnson – Canada/RPA

Hsin-Wei Chen – Taiwan

Chih-Ming Fan – Taiwan

Nomin Bold i Baatarzorig Batjargal – Mongolia

Weiming Ho – Taiwan

Roger Bo – Taiwan

Arek Piętak – Polska

Maciej Osmycki – Polska

Dominika Sadowska – Polska

Marek Sak – Polska

Rafał Szrajber – Polska

Wojciech Leder – Polska

Tomasz Musiał – Polska

Andrzej Wachowicz – Polska

Marcin Dziomdziora – Polska

Olga Podfilipska-Krysińska – Polska

SuperHOT Team – Polska/Świat

Przepływy – students of the Academy of Fine Arts im. Władysława Strzemińskiego i Lodz

Part of the exhibition “Dylatacje Czasu” is the projekt “Przepływy 2020” presenting the works of students of the Academy of Fine Arts. The projects were realized in the Studio of Designing Space and Virtual Objects. 

Authors of the projects: Ada Dutkiewicz, Agnieszka Mazur, Izabela Śliwa, Karolina Kołek, Zuzanna Janecka, Marta Canert, Karina Lameka, Hanna Rolinska, Klaudia Mozga, Iryna Pavlyshyn, Gabriela Zapała, Weronika Kampińska, Diana Ufniarz

Under curation:dr inż. arch. Rafał Szrajber, mgr Paulina Wojnar.

In search of the event horizon

Each work has emotional charge, when released in a contant with viewer can curve real space-time. This results in creating interaction, similar to gravitation pull, capable of slowing down time. Art which allows such immersion into its structure creates time dilatation. The moments when the viewer using his cognitive apparatus, looks for answers and, penetrating into the work, overcomes, just as he was penetrating a black hole, the sphere referred to as the event horizon, is the culmination point leading to contact with the creator. The viewer crosses the gap in space-time that separates the moment of contact with the work from the reaction to it. The greater the time dilatation, the slower the passage of time in contact with the work of art.
In order to get closer to the event horizon, it is necessary to read the form of elementary particles of its structure in the work. In each time of Euclidean elements that allows to penetrate the opus magnum and look at them fro the outside through dependencies that describe it. The form becomes the set of details, a kind of a code containing algorythms that allows for crossing and understanding the boundary between inside and outside. 
A detail, the smallest part used by the creator, is an element of the code that makes up the algorythm that allows to understand the way of describing the world in relation to the work of art. It is a bridge created by the artist’s action in order to cross the border of the event horizon. The exhibition is multidimensional project that aims to show elementary particles of creative space defined by various forms of detail. The detail becomes the key to creating time diletation that allows you to go beyond the event horizon and penetrate the work. 

Talks about art, Aegean Sea, 2020

The exhibition is organized as part of
75th anniversary of the Władysław Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź

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7 Mediatons Biennale Polska


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